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Herb Grinder Do's and Don'ts

Posted by in on Mar 05, 2014 .

Our new line of plain aluminum grinders are the best in the business! They are machine made out of pure aircraft aluminum ensuring premium quality. Our new plain grinders aren't just plain silver becasue that's boring, they come in all different colors and sizes! We offer two different sizes in various color. The first size herb grinder we offer is our 2.25" or 56mm. They come in 6 wonderful colors including blue, red, green, gold, black, and turquoise. Two of our most popular in this particular size are the plain black herb grinders and the plain blue herb grinders. The other size we offer is just a little bit smaller at 1.85" or 48mm....

Posted by in on Jan 13, 2014 .


Hello! Thank you for visiting Cusom Herb Grinders! We specialized in selling kick ass customized herb grinders. Our grinders are made from100% pure anodized aircraft aluminum. Extremely strong and durable herb grinders. Laser engraved grinders will never fade and last a lifetime or money back guarantee. Upload your own image to get engraved on your grinder. Any image that will fit on the herb grinder will be able to be engraved at the highest quality. You can even put a face on your herb grinder. Check out our gallery of cool herb grinder designs. Herb grinders are made from CNC machines to ensure perfect...

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